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Author Topic: Subframe/engine cradle bushings rotted out: 97 Buick Lesabre Ltd  (Read 1337 times)

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Subframe/engine cradle bushings rotted out: 97 Buick Lesabre Ltd
« on: November 27, 2011, 05:46:21 PM »
97 Buick LeSabre limited, 3800, 170,000 miles

Was helping my son do some suspension work on this car for a friend.  Had it up on a lift and noticed the rubber bushings for the subframe/engine cradle were rotted out.  Never have seen this on a car in my area (NC), so this car must have lived part of its life in the northern rust belt.

I have been checking around on the 'net for a source for this bushings and related hardware with no luck.  Found GMpartsdirect and can buy all eight bushings and hardware for about $300 total... :o

Anyone know of an aftermarket source for these bushings and related hardware that are more reasonable?

If all else fails, my son will probably go to local pull a part and get parts off of a rust free car.




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